Yazidhi Bamutaze——遥感科学国家重点实验室2019年系列学术讲座之三十二
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报告题目:Hazard and Environmental Dynamics in Uganda’s Landscapes: Exploring the spatiality of state, sustainability and resilience at diverse scales

报告人:Dr. Yazidhi Bamutaze

邀请人:贾立 研究员



报告人简介:Dr. Yazidhi Bamutaze,Associate Professor at Makerere University (Uganda), Vice President of African Association of Remote Sensing of the Environment (AARSE) in Eastern Africa. His research focuses on Geomorphology, Remote Sensing, Natural Resource  Management, GIS, Natural Hazards. He is also the CAS PIFI visiting scientists in 2019.

报告内容:Uganda’s development aspirations are strongly hinged successful and sustainable exploitation of her environment and natural resources (ENR). However, substantial evidence indicates that the country is at cross roads with increasing hazard occurrence, land degradation and stagnant or declining yields signifying a delicately imbalanced or poor environmental stewardship. What is the extent of the degradation and change? Where are manifestations of hazardscapes? What does the future hold in productivity under changing environmental conditions? These intricate questions occupy substantial space in both the scientific and policy domains in Uganda’s development dichotomy. This talk draws from a range of case studies at different scales in Uganda in which geo-informatics solely or in combination with other methods has been harnessed to respond to these contemporary issues. It specifically highlights (1) trajectories on national level changes in vegetative and tree cover inferred from imagery analysis (2) regional level detection of environmental change decomposing attribution to refugees vis-à-vis host communities (3) hazard dynamics and hotspot mapping in selected geographic entities in Uganda (4) spatially modelled future environment and productivity changes. Digital and imagery used in the case studies are from open sources and agencies. The results from these case studies examples offer some insights on sustainability and resilience premised on monitoring.