Jean-Philippe Gastellu-Etchegorry教授——遥感科学国家重点实验室2019年系列学术讲座之十二
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报告题目:DART: Remote Sensing (VIS/TIR images, fluorescence, Lidar) and 3D radiative budget of natural and urban landscapes - A few applications

报告人:Prof. Jean-Philippe Gastellu-Etchegorry

邀请人:谢东辉     副教授


地点:北京师范大学   生地楼180

报告人简介:Prof. Gastellu developed the innovative DART 3-D optical / thermal radiative transfer model. DART uses an accurate and robust approach to track radiation in landscapes and atmosphere. It simulates the 3D radiative budget, fluorescence and optical images (UV100μm) of satellite / airborne / in-situ spectrometers and Lidars (waveform, photon counting, point cloud) of natural and urban landscapes, for any experimental (atmosphere, topography, date, location, …) and instrumental (spatial / spectral resolution, viewing direction, …) configurations. Landscapes, landscape elements and atmosphere properties are directly created or imported (land cover map, Aeronet data, etc.). It includes many useful tools (satellite image inversion, creation of agriculture fields, etc.) and models (Prospect / Fluspect, Hapke, …). It is coupled with the SCOPE model. Thanks to his team of research and computer scientists, DART is used in an increasing number of research works: satellite driven urban radiative budget at satellite resolution, detection of specific tree species in forests, LAI retrieval, fluorescence escape factor, preparation of ESA/CNES/NASA satellite missions (LiDAR, high spatial resolution hyperspectral and TIR),etc.