International Workshop on Optical and Microwave Modeling in Remote Sensing (MIRS 2019)
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        The MIRS 2019 workshop will be held on September 10-11, 2019, Hangzhou, China. The workshop will bring together scientists from the fields of modeling in remote sensing for atmosphere, ocean and land surfaces with both active and passive techniques and through all range of spectrum (visible, infrared to microwave). The workshop will aim to foster connections and collaborations among the experts on modeling in different electromagnetics domains.

  •   Papers are welcome on topics including:
  •  Recent progresses in MIRS community for atmosphere, ocean, and different land surfaces in different spectra (optical, infrared, to microwave) and techniques(active and passive);
  •  The synthesis of the different spectra and techniques to provide a better understandings and to benefit the algorithm development for using the multi-sensors;
  •   Important Dates

       Abstract deadline: June 1st, 2019;

       Please submit abstract to:

  •   MIRS 2019 Conference Chairs:

              Jiancheng Shi (IEEE/Fellow, MIRS Chair, RADI, CAS)

              Yang Du (IEEE/Senior, MIRS, AE/Code Lab), Zhejiang University)

  •   Technical Program Committee:

          John Kerekes (IEEE/Senior, MIRS co-chair, RIT),

          Joel Johnson (IEEE/Fellow, MIRS co-chair, OSU),

          Leung Tsang (IEEE/Fellow, MIRS, UMich),

          Kunshan Chen (IEEE/Fellow, MIRS, RADI, CAS),

          Jean-Philippe Gastellu-Etchegorry (IEEE/Senior, MIRS, CESBIO, CNES),

          Sharmila Padmanabhan (IEEE/Senior, MIRS, JPL, NASA),

          Guangjian Yan (IEEE/Senior, MIRS, Beijing Normal University),

          Qinhuo Liu (IEEE/Senior, MIRS, RADI, CAS), 

          Jiancheng Shi, Yang Du,  Fuzhong Wen (CMA).

  •   Local Organizing Committee:

        Yang Du (Zhejiang University),

        Guangjian Yan (Beijing Normal University),

        Fuzhong Wen (CMA)

        Qinhuo Liu (RADI, CAS).