Laura Pan——遥感科学国家重点实验室2017年系列学术讲座之二十三
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报告题目:Space-Time Variability of UTLS Chemical Distribution in the Asian Summer Monsoon Viewed by Limb and Nadir Satellite Sensors 
报告人: Laura Pan
邀请人:陈良富 研究员
报告人简介: Laura Pan is a senior scientist and UTLS Group Lead in NCAR ACD from 2014. Laura studies atmospheric dynamics or motions in the atmosphere associated with weather and climate. In particular, she focuses on the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere. The dynamics, chemistry, and clouds of the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere are connected. Laura seeks to understand the chemical behavior of the tropopause and how the tropopause separates the layers above it and below. Her current scientific research interests include Physics and Chemistry of the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere (UTLS), Physical and chemical behavior of the tropopause, UTLS processes related to the Asian Summer Monsoon (ASM), and observation and modeling of the UTLS region using satellite, aircraft and chemistry-climate and chemistry-transport models.