Rik van den Bosch——遥感科学国家重点实验室2017年系列学术讲座之二十
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报告题目:Soil Information for Global Challenges
报告人: Rik van den Bosch(World Soil Information (ISRIC))
邀请人:贾立 研究员
报告人简介: As a soil scientist Rik (H) van den Bosch has 25 years of experience in applied research in Africa and Asia in the field of soil fertility, soil and water conservation and environmental impact of agro-chemicals. As business unit manager of the Centre for Water and Climate and board member of the Climate KIC Foundation, a pan-European network for climate innovations, he facilitated researchers of Wageningen-UR to engage innovative projects with large European corporates. Currently Rik is director of the International Soil Reference and Information Centre. Rik’s professional drive is make science applicable to contribute to sustainable management of natural resources. 
ISRIC – World Soil Information produces and serves quality-assessed soil data and interpreted soil information to international science communities, policy communities and private sectors dealing with issues such as food production, land and water management, climate change, environmental quality, land use planning, and biodiversity. 
ISRIC – World Soil Information has been developing a world soil information service WOSIS to serve quality-assessed, georeferenced soil data (point, polygon, and grid) to the international community upon their standardisation and harmonisation; and produced global gridded soil maps at resolution of 1km and 250m, which can be displayed in field through SoilInfo App. ISRIC is jointly developing a soil quality assessment tool (Soil Quality App) for practical use in agriculture. ISRIC hosts the Soil Data Facility for the Global Soil Partnership and is a member of Global Open Data on Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN).