Juying Warner——遥感科学国家重点实验室2017年系列学术讲座之十四
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Juying Warner——遥感科学国家重点实验室2017年系列学术讲座之十四


报告题目: Ammonia (NH3) distributions and recent trends by 14-year AIRS measurements.

报告人:Dr. Juying Warner 

邀请人:陈良富 研究员

时  间:2017年6月20日(星期二),10:00-11:00

地  点:中科院遥感所B座202会议室


主讲人简介:Juying Warner is a Research scientist at University of Maryland and SOFE, LLC. Her research interests cover Remote sensing and transport study of tropospheric trace gases (NH3, CO, CH4 and CO2), radiative transfer modeling, retrieval algorithm development and Airborne Remote sensing of ocean/coastal and terrestrial surface characteristics. She has 96 publications with more than 2365 citations.