Prof. Takashi Y. Nakajima——遥感科学国家重点实验室2016年系列学术讲座之五十九
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报告题目:Cloud remote sensing and application for the renewable energy estimation 
报告人:Prof. Takashi Y. Nakajima(Tokai University, Japan)
邀请人:胡斯勒图 研究员
地点:中科院遥感地球所(奥运园区)A504 会议室
报告人简介:日本东海大学教授。主要研究方向是大气粒子光散射计算,大气辐射传输及云参数遥感反演研究。云参数遥感反演方法的创始人之一(Nakajima and Nakajima 1995, JAS)。负责开发了ADEOS2/GLI,GOSAT/CAI,GCOM-C/SGLI等卫星计划的水云官方产品。目前负责日本学术振兴会的重大项目,研究基于静止气象卫星的地表辐射实时观测技术及太阳能发电预测系统的研发。 

摘要:Cloud is an important observing target, because they cover 60% of the earth surface and control energy budget. However, we don’t understand clouds and also aerosols as the cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) well. Thus observing and modeling of clouds are quite important for the weather and climate change study. In this presentation, the method for cloud observation from satellite is shown and also an application for the renewable energy estimation such as solar flux at the surface is introduced and discussed.